Migrate to the cloud – Introduction

It’s been almost 2 years since I update the content of this blog. There was some things happened on the server and configuration apart of Wordpress and plugins upgrade during that time, but that won’t be noticeable on the the surface since the content is static.

Still, my curiosity on the new technologies never stops. I always interested in the new trends that are happened in the IT world, and currently what is on my magnifying lens is two things: cloud and big data, but for this series of blog entries, the discussions will be on how I migrate my traditional web hosting of WordPress and also php websites into cloud with the result of reduced cost and higher performance.

For the past 2 years, a lot of things happened in the Cloud area. The technology is getting mature each and every day, more and more companies are relying on the Cloud for their business. New startups leveraging Cloud are getting momentums and skyrocketed in terms of market value and subscribers. With these mumbo-jumbo surrounding the term, I try to take a subset of it and to map my current setup with Cloud terminology and implementation.

There is no problem with my current web hosting actually. The price is reasonable, it is a shared web hosting so the cost is low, the support is great and fast, no problem so far and as far as I know the service never down. But for the shake of knowledge and experience, I had an idea: what if I migrate the whole system to the cloud, what are the challenges? How far can it be for the subsystems to be migrated to the cloud, partially or full? What are the costs incurred? How easy/hard it is? What about performances? What about security? What about manageability? What is the final verdict?

Previous System

Old System Design

As discussed earlier, the old design is pretty straight forward and traditional. It is a shared hosting setup with cpanel management installed. The multi-tenant configuration is very efficient for this type of website since the traffic is low and the SLA is not too high if not nothing.

The cost of this setup is also low, it charge me about $15/year for the hosting space of 250MB, 2 GB traffic/mo, it just slightly above $1/mo, a bargain really.

The management part is also very easy with cpanel system, although it doesn’t allow me to ssh into the system. It just took me some clicks to install WordPress module along with MySQL database. There is phpMyAdmin installed out of the box, system wide, and the DNS management is also built in the system for me to create subdomains for WordPress MU, it is a no-brainer.

Is there any problem? Barely not.

The Requirement

Before proceeding, there are some simple basic checklist that need to be considered:

  • The system should run Apache+PHP, it is a WordPress system and a simple php web
  • The system should support custom domain, I will use my own domain with WordPress MU subdomain setup
  • There should be MySQL database as a database layer for WordPress
  • (Optional) Memcache system to speedup the performance
  • (Optional) Content Delivery Network to speedup the performance geographically

On the next post, I will discuss about some alternatives of Cloud provider existed with pro and cons.

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