Mobile Era

Recently the mobile device is one of the most significant thing in human life, even after purse. One can get easily distracted if they forgot their mobile device home, and maybe will turn around to get it, the case will be slightly different if they found that what’ve been left is the purse.

Getting mobile device is also a lot of easier nowadays, only by less than $30 to get, and the cost of running it is also cheaper. Operators are like crazy offering packages and offers, luring new subscribers or, hopefully, converts.

This competition will certainly lowering their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) figure, but the key of getting the profit is the volume of subscriber and calls or texts. The other new stream of revenue is the need of the people demanding Internet connection on their mobile device.

Online everywhere, whenever needed becoming new trends. This kind of life style is supported by new mobile gadgets that are more and more sophisticated, smart and also faster. These gadgets are a mean of tools, communication device, entertainment as well as status pendant to some.

Wether we like it or not, now is the new era where mobile devices are parts of human life. In addition to that, the technology enables these devices to function more or less as personal computer, multimedia platform and also a gateway to the cyber world.

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