Scary fact on jail broken iPhones

Did you know that:

  • iPhone OS is basically an *nix variant?
  • Every *nix system will have at least 1 administrator called ‘root’ and some regular user?
  • Every iPhone shipped is having same ‘root’ password and a regular user

So is it dangerous? Not exactly. On regular iPhone device there is noway for somebody to exploit those userid and password, *but* it will be completely differrent when we are talking about jailbroken device. So if you are a novice user and faithful user of app store then nothing to worry about. You can safely stop reading here and have a nice dream.

But if you are having a jailbroken device then you have to worry, don’t ever install OpenSSH package before you change the default passwords

How? Simply download console package from cydia and do a regular password change procedure (just google on it) don’t forget on root password too.


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