“Life” PageRank

Having amazed by what of the two ‘boys’ from Stanford of what they have done which is also known of one of the most important invention in the Internet History. Sergei Brin and Larry Page still in their early 30s are doing of what Internet people are dreaming: having fun and make money. No doubt they have the two.

They are inventing the famous method of putting a weight to a website by using their patented algorithm called “PageRank”. As you may notice that the name came from one of the duo. The simple version of this algorithm is that the ‘importance’ of a web page will be determined by other web which having a link to it. It will count the quantity (how many link to that website) and also the quality (who link to that website). Say if you have a link in CNN homepage, then you’re seriously famous and you shall have the honor to have higher pagerank, and thus will have the bigger chance of being appear in a search result.

Now, what about on our work. I notice that this PageRank algorithm is applied to our daily work, let’s call it pseudo-PageRank [forgive me google boys if I steal your term]. The mechanics is still the same: you are what other people ‘linked’ to. Say, if you are known by a high profile people then there will be greater chance of you being ‘in-sight’ and a bigger chance of promotion. Provided that you are more to ‘famous’ than ‘notorious’.

What technical guys do, and how they think, and how they act, is that what matters most is the know-how. They are continuously studying to be the best of their area, more certification, more trainings. But few are having this kind of sight: the importance of being somebody to the management [i.e. the decision makers – no matters how un-techie they are]

Being a technical guy myself, I have very long learning curve on this. Years and years of continuous technical learning, and more people with less technical expertise was already taken off to the moon.

Sounds familiar? :)

Thanks to Linkedin, I understand that my ex colleague that is now on a higher position is doing their job both technically and strategically. Some of them are being the job-in-a-year mode (I know some of them doing three-in-a-year mode). Some of them are being soooo patience of years of service in a same company. But something I know that PR is needed, even in our workplace.

I am introvert people, even in a MIBT test I score perfect in this area (I am a INTP kind of person, mind you). Thus I must work very hard to achieve this goal. I have to love people, love my boss [genuinely] and to be carefully not being a licker myself [ay… I hate this kind of species, more on this latter on the other post].

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