Migrate to the Cloud – Cloud Provider Selection

There are so many cloud providers existed in the market. I found the review of top 10 cloud providers here and tried review them one by one for my own setup. Please note that the review will be from a point of view from someone who already setting up a shared web server with knowledge in WordPress and MySQL database.

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Migrate to the cloud – Introduction

It’s been almost 2 years since I update the content of this blog. There was some things happened on the server and configuration apart of Wordpress and plugins upgrade during that time, but that won’t be noticeable on the the surface since the content is static.

Still, my curiosity on the new technologies never stops. I always interested in the new trends that are happened in the IT world, and currently what is on my magnifying lens is two things: cloud and big data, but for this series of blog entries, the discussions will be on how I migrate my traditional web hosting of WordPress and also php websites into cloud with the result of reduced cost and higher performance.

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Cloudify me

It was for about 6 years ago when I worked as an on-site consultant for a large Multi National Oil Company that I saw the implementation of what we call it ‘cloud’ computing today, well maybe not quite the same in the sense of nearly-anywhere-availability. At that time I was enabled to use any computer in the company domain using my temporary credentials and auto magically all of my settings and documents will be there. My bookmarks and browser settings were there, all of my working documents are on “My Documents” folder ready to be updated.

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Scary fact on jail broken iPhones

Did you know that:

  • iPhone OS is basically an *nix variant?
  • Every *nix system will have at least 1 administrator called ‘root’ and some regular user?
  • Every iPhone shipped is having same ‘root’ password and a regular user

So is it dangerous? Not exactly. On regular iPhone device there is noway for somebody to exploit those userid and password, *but* it will be completely differrent when we are talking about jailbroken device. So if you are a novice user and faithful user of app store then nothing to worry about. You can safely stop reading here and have a nice dream.

But if you are having a jailbroken device then you have to worry, don’t ever install OpenSSH package before you change the default passwords

How? Simply download console package from cydia and do a regular password change procedure (just google on it) don’t forget on root password too.


New equation

Having seen the new ads in Star World for a new season of ‘Eureka’, it display some equation and one of it strike my mind immediately. It says:

Life – Dreams = Job

Do I still manage to maintain my dreams? Or worse, do I still dreaming? Post me your comments

Now it’s late, I have to ‘dream’ (literally :) )